Emergency Comms


North East Georgia Emergency Communications Plan for Ham Radio Operators (Version 2.0) by N4TS 

Who: This document is intended for ham radio operators located in North Georgia. It is a document that establishes communication channels in the unexpected event of a communications (outside of normal means, i.e. cell phones, internet) interruption. 

When: Anytime regular communications, by normal means, is interrupted over a wide area for an extended period of time (i.e. hours, days, weeks) due to natural disasters, power outages, terrorism, man made disasters, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Procedure Overview: Contact will be made at the following times (once a communication break down is realized), on a daily basis, unless otherwise directed. Follow the channels listed below in order starting with #1 going through to #4. If contact is not made at the established time on any of the channels, continue to attempt to establish contact using the procedure outlined below, at the next subsequent time. Call CQ on the frequencies listed below. On channels that require a directional antenna be sure to move your antenna around the compass and listen carefully. If no contact is established on channel #1 after 5 minutes, proceed to next channel and repeat, until last channel is reached. Do this each time communication is attempted. Even if communication is established on channel #1, there could be others on channel #2 waiting, so be sure to check all channels. Not all hams are equally equipped, and may have equipment failure during a disaster. There is no formalized net controller, and this document is inherently decentralized, due to the unknown extent and disruption of regular communication channels (i.e. cell phones, and internet). There are many unknowns, so do not be surprised if it is not easy to establish initial communications during an outage. This plan inherently favors simplex communication, over use of repeaters, but does incorporate them. Be aware repeaters can easily be taken off line, and are single points of failure in communication channels. 

Contact Times: 8AM EST 12PM EST 8PM EST

Channels: (in order of priority and sequence) 

1. 2m FM. Frequency 146.52 Mode: FM 

2. 2m SSB. Frequency 144.200 Mode: USB

3. 80m. Frequency: 3.805 +/- 3khz for QRM 

4. Local Repeaters on Generator power to scan during emergency see below