Welcome to the W4CMB site. For over 30 years, K4NVG Tommy Cole has served both Franklin and Hart county with reliable UHF & VHF repeater communications. K4NVG also served the City of Lavonia, and surrounding community, as Fire Chief for Lavonia Fire, for well over 20 years. Additionally Mr. Cole served in the United States Army during the Korea Conflict. Mr.Cole has recently decided to past the torch, so to speak, on to local hams, in an effort to keep the various repeater systems operational. This is where W4CMB Clayton Bryant comes into play. In April of 2020 K4NVG officially turned over his two repeaters in Lavonia, GA to Mr. Bryant W4CMB. Mr. Bryant also has a history of serving the community. He has served as a Captain in Carnesville Fire Dept for 12 years, EMS First Responder for 9 years and Deputy Coroner for Franklin County for 5 years. The goal for W4CMB, guided by K4NVG, is to maintain reliable VHF & UHF communications for the Franklin/Hart county area for many years to come. We encourage the use of both of the repeaters to rag chew and keep in touch with family and friends. 


!NEW For 2022!
APRS Digipeter


Below is Chief Tommy Cole K4NVG
Still monitoring!