What is Fusion?

Here I hope to clarify the confusion of what system fusion is and what AMS is and how it pertains to the repeaters here at W4CMB.  System Fusion is the name given to the C4FM digital protocol that Yaesu has developed for the amateur community. There are 2 modes of digital operations in C4FM digital narrow known as DN and VW known as Voice wide on fusion enabled radios. For uses on the W4CMB systems either is fine but you will transmit and receive the most information in DN mode. In DN mode it shares your audio and data such as position and callsign information. Now on to AMS terminology. AMS stands for Automatic Mode Select. AMS is capable of detecting in real time if a incoming signal is digital or analog. If it detects a digital signal the repeater will repeat the digital signal, same for analog it is as simple as that. As of this date 8/24/2020 I now have 3 repeaters utilizing the AMS feature. Also at this date only one of the pair's the 443.200 system is connected to the full Fusion digital network. This connection is done by a RF link offsite in my office with a FTM400 and interfaced with a PC. It is linked full time to the South Eastern Link which is a digital group out of the Chattanooga TN, Lookout Mountain, GA area. The system is open to be changed to any digital talk group that a user wishes but will revert back to the South Eastern Link after 10min has passed with no local RF input. Also please keep in mind while I encourage the use of the repeater and encourage individuals to reconfigure the chatroom's to whichever they choose please do not connect to a extremely busy room such as America Link or similar for the sake of just listening. If a user wishes to make a contact on America Link please be my guess, I just ask that the user disconnect from the group after the desired contacts have been made. The reason for this request is due to added wear and tear on equipment. The main concern for the added wear and tear is the link radio which is off site in my office. It is a FTM400 and they are susceptible to over heating after long QSO. 

Link to Video Tutorial on W4CMB Fusion Repeater